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Our social media experts can provide you with the best training sessions to increase your business awareness and get the knowledge you need on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a important profile to get right as a business owner. It allows you to easily update your network on the happenings of the business by:

  • Posting about your business
  • Regularly updating the profile
  • Engaging with your network
  • Direct Messaging potential clients/customers

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We cover a variety of topics:

  1. Your ‘expert’ bio for your profile: Your LinkedIn Bio is the first thing potential connections will view. Our team will make sure you have the understanding of the importance and technique to creating a good bio, so you can get the best chance of connecting with new people.
  2. High-quality banners and profile pictures: LinkedIn, like all social media, is all visual. When it comes to your linkedin banner and profile picture, getting it right is extremely important. Our LinkedIn experts will help you with visual ideas and expert knowledge on getting this right.
  3. Creating amazing posts that work: Creating posts can take time, especially when running a business. That’s why we will train you on the essentials and techniques to getting posting right, for you! Say yes to good value content today!
  4. Feature your best posts: Learn how you can feature your best posts, and why its so important to do this. Grow your following with our LinkedIn knowledge!
  5. Bespoke ‘Zoom’ in on your Profile: The Social Media team will go through your LinkedIn profile on a 1-1 basis with you to show you how you can improve your profile, and the aspects of the training to prioritise first. This will allow you to get the best out of your business through linkedin with the time you have.
  6. Significance of video content: Video is a priority on all social media to grow your profile. We will show you how you can benefit from posting videos onto your linkedin profile!
  7. LinkedIn Insights: Monitor your profile activity with the insights at your disposal.

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Where do I start?

Where do I start?

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